India's Only
Made To Order
Peanut Butter

Experience the taste of freshly-made peanut butter!

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Purity & Luxury
in Every Spoon

A royal experience with pure ingrediants

and absolutely no artificial additives

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Why it's not your Regular Peanut Butter?

Made to Order

We freshly prepare peanut butter after receiving the order

Slow Roasted

Brings out the nutty flavour and natural sweetness

Stone Ground

Rich creamy texture without micronutrient loss

Peanut Peels Added

So you don’t lose out on the antioxidants

No added oils

No bad cholesterol. No risk of heart disease

Plastic free packaging

No microplastics leaching into your Peanut Butter

What People Are Saying

Fresh & Delicious

It is very delicious. We can taste the freshness. No taste other than peanuts. We already ordered it twice. Ordering one jar at a time to keep freshness. Highly recommended.

Virender Oberoi

Healthy, Tasteful & Fast Delivery

I have tried multiple brands of Peanut butter, Zvatra brand is a very good and premium quality product I could find. Jaggery usage further adds minerals to a healthy diet.

Priyanka Sharma

Classic PB as it should be

Statutory warning : You can finish the jar in 2 days. I live on PB and as a result I have tried numerous brands over the years : both Indian and international brands. This is one of the best I have come across and hence it is my 3rd jar in 3 months . It’s natural without any artificial flavours. And it’s yummmm…Please try once and you won’t regret.

Shweta M.

Good Product. Worth the money.

Definitely the best peanut butter ever tasted. Free from trans fat and so natural . Loved it . But I do have a small aspect for the manufactures to think about , are the peanuts a little over roasted ? Had a slight bitter tinge . Still hands down it’s the best I have ever bought . Also the plastic free bottle is very welcome .

Krushna Kumar

The best peanut butter!

Easily the best I have had so far. Tastes great! No added sugar and thats the way to go! :)


Best Quality Peanut Butter

I have been using peanut butter in sandwiches, biscuits, chapatis, or even scooping and eating it. One of the best thing about Zvatra is that there are no preservatives. It has jaggery, salt and peanuts - enriching the quality and taste.

Nikhil Jain

Super Seeds for Super Health

Experience the added nutritional benefits of super seeds, including high levels of antioxidants, protein and healthy fats in every bite of Zvatra's stone ground peanut butter.

Stone ground
Peanut Butter

Stone grinding breaks down the particles at low temperatures there by keeping the sensitive proteins, vitamins and natural enzymes intact. This gives you all the natural goodness of the peanuts till the very last spoon of Peanut butter, keeping you nourished and healthy