Zvatra is an all natural Peanut Butter brand homebrewed in namma Bengaluru. We are on a journey of finding balance, in the relationship we share with Mother Earth, the people and ourselves - one jar at a time!

While that might sound like a dream, we see it is as a necessity.

Over the past decade or so we have come to see that our wellbeing is very closely tied to that of the wellbeing of Mother Earth. This is only a reflection of the wisdom that is deeply engrained in our ancestors. Something that we seem to have been shaken out of in the recent past.

At Zvatra, we are looking at indigenous wholesome foods as a means to bridge gaps between our nutritional needs and our modern day space-time schedules. All in the best interest of our planet. And this is essentially what makes us do what we do, the way we do it.

We are following our ancestral cues to make the best Peanut Butter in India. Zvatra's Peanut Butter unraveled itself like different pieces of a puzzle that beautifully came together. Journeying through people of the land, our ingredients are handpicked and blended with love.


People at Zvatra