At Zvatra, we strongly believe that businesses should not harm the environment. The Deepavali campaign is a small attempt to amplify our efforts in this direction. We will ensure 50% of our profits from this campaign goes into planting trees.

We, as a brand, have taken the following actions to ensure our business is eco friendly:

  • We source natural local ingredients from the Southern regions of India, thus ensuring lesser food miles 
  • We use NO chemicals during manufacturing
  • We use glass jars instead of plastic ones.
  • We have ensured close to zero plastic packaging

We also source our peanuts from farmers who depend on the rains for irrigation. Rainfed farmers are among the most vulnerable farmers in India owing to the increasing unpredictability of rains.By buying directly from farmers, we also eliminate middle-men and ensure that the farmers get the right price for their crop. 

It goes without saying that you, our customers, remain at the core. We believe that our philosophy provides the maximum benefit to you and your loved ones. Our peanut butter is all natural and chemical free. It is a great source of protein. 

If taken directly from the jar, it is also a healthy dessert free from trans fats and refined sugar!

We have strived hard to create this win win win situation.
A win for our customers

A win for the environment

A win for the farmers